DC Super Hero Girls™ Katana™ 12" Action Doll

The DC Super Hero Girls™ action dolls are ready for powerful fun! Complete with Super Hero gear, each 12-inch action doll wears a signature look that blends iconic elements of the original DC Super Hero character with modern trends ready for action—because these girls save the day in style. Accessories are equally awesome, showcasing the character's unique powers. Choose from the class clown Harley Quinn™ action doll who can hold her giant mallet, The Cheetah™ action doll who has her signature cheetah spots and extra-long hair, cutting-edge Katana™ action doll with her signature face paint, and ultra-cool Frost™ action doll who has blue-streaked hair and lips. Each action doll is highly articulated and can stand alone for powerful posing and creative storytelling! Each sold separately. Colors and decoration may vary.


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